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Cat-Crafted Cat Food


Nacho & Bobby Flay


New York, NY



Made for Cats by a Cat.

Made by Nacho is the world’s first chef-approved cat food. Co-founded by Bobby Flay & his adorable cat, Nacho. Together, they developed cat-crafted cat food that’s not only palate pleasing but crafted to meet cats’ nutritional needs. Nacho & Bobby's philosophy is that nothing is more important than the ingredients put into the dish.

With a focus on not just selecting premium, flavorful ingredients that support a cat's health, but also making a meal cats will love, they created Made By Nacho. When it comes to food, Nacho was tired of seeing cats play second fiddle to all the dogs out there. So he took matters into his own hands (paws), and made food specifically for cats.

Taste, texture, nutrition.

It’s in the bag. 

Taste, texture, nutrition. It’s in the bag.