Good Culture

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Grandma's cottage cheese wasn't cutting it.


Jesse Merrill, Anders Eisner


Irvine, CA



Cottage Cheese, But Better.

Good Culture believes that if you eat good things, and surround yourself with good, you’ll feel good. Simple as that. Founders Jesse Merrill and Anders Eisner were active guys, and cottage cheese had always been one of their high-protein go-to's. But Grandma's watery curd just wasn't cutting it anymore. So they set out to make a cottage cheese of their own.

Good Culture offers real organic ingredients from trusted sources, that promote good health and that always taste great. Their high-protein products use only grass-fed milk from respected cows that roam free on sustainable family farms. Paired with live and active cultures, their variety of great-tasting sweet and savory options never use additives. It's cottage cheese, but better.

We've got the goods.

We've got the goods.